We started our business six years ago, with lots of enthusiasm and love for the natural products we produce. Today with constant desire but more experience and training we present you our new products and we welcome you to try them.

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“Kookoonari” offered knowledge for the home manufacture of cosmetics

Toothpaste, after shave, wax ointment and body butter made of vegetable oils by the representative [...]

The Greek soap-eggs made in Xanthi and their contemporary history

Cosmetics production is like cooking. You make the recipe, execute it correctly and enjoy the [...]

Cold process soap with dark chocolate and buffalo milk!!

For 5 soaps of 105g we will need: Materials: 270g Olive oil 96g Coconut oil [...]

Cold process soap with red pumpkin – Cold process soap with red pumpkin

For 5 soaps of 105g we will need: Materials: 119g Olive oil 119g Coconut oil [...]

Green soap the moisturizer

Summer is the favourite season for many, but is it also the favourite season for [...]

Tips for a Uniform Tan

Summer means carefree, relaxing and relaxing moments! But it’s also something we all want to [...]

Personal touch to your wedding with Thraco soaps

Seal the memory by giving your guests personalised Thraco soaps. You choose the fragrance that [...]

Soap with olive oil, the fine one

Olive oil soap, a product pure by nature, is the core of our central philosophy [...]


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