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Cold process soap with dark chocolate and buffalo milk!!


For 5 soaps of 105g we will need: Materials: 270g Olive oil 96g Coconut oil 19g Palm oil 19g Buffalo milk 8g Cocoa butter 8g Dark chocolate 56g Caustic soda (NaOH) 112g Deionized water or 70g deionized water and 42g Buffalo milk. 15g Dark Chocolate F.O. (flavour) Ceilings: A large jug (2L+), Two small jugs […]

Green soap the moisturizer

Summer is the favourite season for many, but is it also the favourite season for your skin? Exposure to the sun, sweating and dehydration due to high temperatures affect the skin, resulting in changes in texture, scars and wrinkles. And while thousands of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products promise solutions, we trust nature and centuries of […]

Tips for a Uniform Tan

Summer means carefree, relaxing and relaxing moments! But it’s also something we all want to have as a souvenir when it’s over, a beautiful tan! Here are some useful tips to help you achieve this more easily: Make sure you always wear your sunscreen at least 5 minutes before being exposed to the sun! We […]