A special soap for every baptism!

When you are preparing your baby’s christening you want it to be as special as you can imagine!

Favors are an important piece to create a complete image, which corresponds to the special aesthetics of your family! We, even if you don’t have a direction in mind, are here to provide you with fragrance solutions and suggestions for an ideally personalized soap that will suit your child!

We are flexible to adapt the soap to the invitation or the decoration you have chosen, and our years of experience in the field guarantee you a perfect result both qualitatively and aesthetically. The soaps you will receive will be unique and will have been prepared exclusively for your event!

The baptism of little Michael

Michael’s parents, on the so important and sweet day of his baptism, wanted to give their guests special favors with quality olive oil soap.

So, for little Michael, we prepared a natural olive oil soap with a sweet fig aroma.

Soap with Fig Fragrance

On the soap stamp, we used the design of the invitation with the original name of the soap, so that everything blends together harmoniously.

Soap in Baptism Invitation

Kids love the texture and smell of soap as well as anything natural!

Child and Soap

It will be our pleasure to work together to give this day the flavour it deserves!