Cold process soap with dark chocolate and buffalo milk!!


For 5 soaps of 105g we will need:


  1. 270g Olive oil
  2. 96g Coconut oil
  3. 19g Palm oil
  4. 19g Buffalo milk
  5. 8g Cocoa butter
  6. 8g Dark chocolate
  7. 56g Caustic soda (NaOH)
  8. 112g Deionized water or 70g deionized water and 42g Buffalo milk.
  9. 15g Dark Chocolate F.O. (flavour)


  1. A large jug (2L+),
  2. Two small jugs (0.5L),
  3. Small hand mixer,
  4. Hand mixer or hand blender,
  5. Scales,
  6. Protective goggles,
  7. Gloves,
  8. Mould for 5 seats.


  1. Microwaves


After putting on our protective equipment, take the small 0.5L jug and weigh 112g of deionized water or the 70g water & water mixture. 42g of buffalo milk. Then add the 56 g of caustic soda (NaOH) to the same jug, slowly, slowly. – ATTENTION!! add the baking soda to the water. Otherwise there is a SERIOUS RISK of injury – and carefully stir the solution with slow, steady movements. During dissolution, vapours are produced which should not be inhaled.

Set aside the solution to cool and reach 45C.

Continue by adding the 19g milk and 8g dark chocolate in a small 0.5L jug. Place the jug in the microwave and heat it on low heat until the chocolate melts but without raising the temperature above 50°C. We also want this mixture at 45°C. When you reach this temperature, add the 15g of perfume and set it aside for a while.

Then place the large jug on the scale and weigh the remaining ingredients one by one. Make sure it is at a temperature close to 45°C. It is good, for the course of the recipe, that all our ingredients are at the same temperature.

After checking the temperature of the ingredients, add the soda solution (small jug) to the oils (large jug). At this point, take the hand blender and mix the ingredients until they are properly homogenized and a very thin cream is created. Complete the process by adding the milk, chocolate and flavouring mixture and mix again until a thick cream is formed.

Transfer the mixture to the mold and let it rest for a day – at least – before unmolding it.

Once the soap is out of the mold, cut it into five equal pieces and leave it for a few days in a shady and well-ventilated area to mature.

A few words about the soap you have in your hands…

The combination of antioxidant-rich dark chocolate and buffalo milk, which is known both for its excellent taste and for its content of vitamins, trace elements and omega fats, gives us a soap that is extremely nutritious for the “hungry” skin from the fatigue of everyday life.