Green soap the moisturizer

Summer is the favourite season for many, but is it also the favourite season for your skin? Exposure to the sun, sweating and dehydration due to high temperatures affect the skin, resulting in changes in texture, scars and wrinkles.

And while thousands of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products promise solutions, we trust nature and centuries of knowledge, we recommend green soap and explain why:

100% hydration

A key ingredient in green soap is glycerin, which is often removed from other commercial soaps. Glycerin has the ability to maintain skin hydration by drawing water even from the air. The green soap cleanses the skin without removing its natural oils and is the only one that does not give a pulling sensation. Its use during the summer months, especially after long hours at sea, can restore the natural balance you need.

Preserving youthfulness

Although a sun-kissed face may add glow to our summer face, the effect of the sun on our skin is known to accelerate aging and wrinkle formation. Green soap, rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin E and B-carotene, has antioxidant action and activates the creation of new epidermal cells. Thus it protects our skin and at the same time gives a youthful appearance.

Hydration and for the hair

The sea gives a very charming wet look to the hair… But what happens when we go to untangle them? Green soap has a solution for that too! Its natural oils act as a mask, while the hair is deeply cleansed and shines.

Green soap may evoke childhood memories for many, but it is this timelessness that is the secret of its effectiveness. This summer, add a Thraco green soap to your holiday bag and indulge in the ultimate in natural hydration.

Green Soap

Pirated recipe of traditional green soap.