Personal touch to your wedding with Thraco soaps

They say that smell is the sense that carries the most memories.

And surely your wedding day is a moment you will want to remember forever. Both you and your guests.

give your guests soaps

Seal the memory by giving your guests personalised Thraco soaps. You choose the fragrance that represents you and create the wrapper with us, just as you have imagined it. We are here to give you ideas, solutions and suggestions to make your own soap together, whether you use it as a wedding favor, on an invitation, or even as a decorative favor on your guests’ tables.

Shamrocks for favors

The wedding of Thanasis and Vaya

Thanasis and Vaya sealed their day with lavender soaps and a thank you message for their guests.

lavender soaps gift to wedding guests

A useful, eco-friendly and symbolic gift for the people who were there on the most important day of their lives. Lavender, known for its intoxicating fragrance, symbolizes Stability, Love and Protection, while its purple colour is a symbol of pleasure and love at first sight.

After making the soaps in the size and quantity requested, we created the wrapper together. Having total flexibility in production, we also offer the possibility of engraving on the soap itself, if you wish.

4. Wedding Gift Shamrocks

We will be happy to contribute to the most beautiful day of your life, giving a fragrant and original note!