Terms of Use

(P.D. No 131/2003 and Law 2251/1994)

The company providing social services about information and distance selling, who is responsible for the existing website is the sole proprietorship under the name “Thracian Cosmetics P.C.” based in the village Diomidia Xanthi, and T.I.N. 114431914 and it is registered at the Suppliers’ Register From Distance, according to article 4 the Law 2251/1994. To contact the entity, consumers can send an e-mail to [email protected]

Through the present website “Thraco” a general permission is given for public use, free surfing in the website, as well as and the technical possibility to place an order with products shown on it as against the given price. Orders are delivered  within the time indicated on the site (Monday to Friday 09.00 am – 17.00 pm), as for orders not required during working hours they are placed in time with no further delay. Placing the order, the customer accepts the terms of use and the all the special features as well as the cost of each product.

Products which are presented and can be ordered on-line, are raw materials for cosmetics that are also sold on market. The repacking of all products is done by the entity.

The company is not responsible for specific use that the customer will make after receiving the products. The products should be strictly used according to the instructions written and customers and users to whom the products might be provided are responsible for their correct use. That means that even giving the products as a present, should be done with the packaging and instructions of use. These terms of website use do not include the terms of use for each product. The company is not responsible for any damage the use of the products might cause as long as the customer has followed the terms of use for each product. For this reason every customer has full responsibility to ask for advice from an expert of his/her choice and follow the safety instructions for each product.

Future customers can choose the method of payment of the order so it can be completed. More specifically, they can pay with a bank card (credit or debit cards), payment in a bank account or delivery.

Delivery time is within the time specified when the order is placed and at the latest in thirty (30) days, as it is bound by law. In case of the delivery time having expired, the customer has the right to cancel the order.

The transfer of the products is agreed with the payment and it is completed with the delivery of to the customer. The buyer accepts all the dangers, even those concerning the delivery, except from the delivery stage that the company is responsible or any other additional person. In case of difficulties to reach the address of the buyer, the company is not responsible for any delay or inability to deliver and it can call the buyer to collect products from a specific place.

Within fourteen (14) calendar days customer has the right of unjustifiable cancellation, returning the product as it was when delivered. That means that the product mustn’t be opened or used and it must be sealed as it was delivered, with no charge for the products but only the delivery expenses. Concerning the unjustified cancellation, this right has been recognized by the entity not because it is forced by law, as there is an exception for domestic products and unjustifiable cancellation.

In any case, the company is ready to replace a product which is defective, and the problem is not because of the original design of the product.

All the configurations, graphic designs, logos, domain names, texts and photographs, as well as the software are covered by the company’s copyright. All users have the right to surf for free and use the technical abilities it offers for sharing in social media as long as it is allow by the website. It is forbidden to copy or reproduce all the above, without any permission from the entity.

All the terms and conditions are subject of the Greek law. The company is not responsible for any damage, material or intangible caused by faulty way of using the products. The company has limited responsibility, only on the cost of the products and it cannot be accused for further
misdemeanors beyond the above terms and within the scope of them being accepted. In case of disagreement of applying the present contract, the customer has the obligation within good will, before any legal procedure to seek a compromise by submitting a request to the entity or reporting to the Hellenic Consumers’ Ombudsman (www.synigoroskatanaloti.gr). In case of disagreement the customer should firstly contact the entity in order to compromise. In case of a dispute, the court of Xanthi is in charge.


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