Tips for a Uniform Tan

Summer means carefree, relaxing and relaxing moments!
But it’s also something we all want to have as a souvenir when it’s over, a beautiful tan!

Here are some useful tips to help you achieve this more easily:

  1. Make sure you always wear your sunscreen at least 5 minutes before being exposed to the sun! We then renew it at regular intervals. Careful, apply the tanning oil after putting on your sunscreen.
  2. Exfoliate often to remove dead cells, which delay tanning and cause discoloration.
  3. Moisturize the skin every night with a rich moisturizer and consume enough water.
  4. Avoid the hours when the sun burns the most (10-4) to avoid any burns.
  5. After sunbathing, take a quick shower to remove the sand and any leftover sunscreen.
  6. There are foods that enhance tanning and it would be good to include in your diet, such as: green vegetables, seafood, lemon, nuts, carrots, eggs, etc.
  7. Change sides during sunbathing every 20 minutes or so, to achieve a uniform result.

If you follow the above, you are sure to get better results,
both in color and in your overall health!

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